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Revised 7-18-2010

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If you wish to contact me to add information to the blog for events, or arrange for a sample delivery please email me at Since I travel for work, its best to contact me for a shipping address, to make sure your sample can be signed for.

Sample Policy

Simple Hedonisms publishes wine reviews, which are published both here, and on the widely read Palate Press.
I accept samples, and generally, unless I don’t care for the wine, will do a review.  Simple Hedonisms is celebrated its One Year Anniversary in Sept 2010., with a  good readership and Social Media following (5k plus), with good hit stats, I am happy to share server stats if desired. Traffic grows each month. The largest following is the California Bay Area (by design) but growing all over. Reader are both consumers (main target) and industry. (As of October 2010, monthly unique readers was getting closer to 4,000.)

Since I travel for work, sample shipments are best confirmed before sent, especially during summer months. In addition to my home in Sonoma County, wine samples can be shipped to my office address outside Portland, OR. For local wineries, we can generally arrange to meet. I also travel regularly and am in Willamette, Paso, etc as time permits.

I accept and review samples of all varietals. My areas of highest interest are:

  • I am known as a passionate consumer of Rhone varietals, domestic and foreign, and actively cover Rhone wines, and events, like Hospice du Rhone. From mainstream Syrah, to hard to find Grenache Blanc and Picpoul, and the many Rhone blends; all are a passion.
  • Unusual varietals (outside of standard Cab, Merlot, Zin etc), Alsatian whites e.g.
  • Burgundy varietals: Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris
I will generally try to offer some background on the wine, winery. If the release’s wine making specifics aren’t available on the website, please include them via print or email, if possible.

Industry Discounts

I also buy a LOT of wine. My CellarTracker collection is approaching 600 bottles. (As of 7/18/2010). Industry discounts are greatly appreciated, as perk for the wine blog time, and expense.

Events, Press Passes, Coverage

The blog is also widely followed for  events, including the calendar.  I am passionate about event coverage, and receive  press passes for many in Sonoma County, and across  the U.S.
Generally in exchange for passes, I offer blog and social media coverage, pre and post event articles, and a free ad on the side of the blog. I have worked closely with several AVA’s and have had very successful contests for ticket contests and other forms of promotions, that drive traffic to your website and Facebook site. Social Networking is viral; the more collaborative the effort, the more I can assist you.


I make no money on Simple Hedonisms (it costs me money), nor wish too, at this time. I simply share my experiences, usually in as positive, constructive light as I can, for the benefit of consumers and the industry. I do offer limited Marketing and Social Media consulting and assistance.

William Allen

Facebook: (personal) (fan site)

Twitter: @ SonomaWilliam

I accept samples, and generally, unless I don’t care for the wine, will do a review.
I very much appreciate the reachout, first I have heard. Simple Hedonisms is less than a year old,
but readership and Social Media is 5 thousand plus, with good web hits, happy to share stats. The strongest
following is Bay Area (by design) but growing all over.
Wines can be shipped to:
My home:
William Allen, 117 E Shiloh Rd, Santa Rosa, CA 95403
my cell is 415 613 5731
shipments to there are best confirmed, as I travel, plus hot weather.
If that’s a pain, my office address can be a backup, just advise.
I accept samples of all wines; given the breadth of your portfolio, my areas highest interest are:
– unusual varietals (outside of standard cab, merlot, zin etc), Alsatian whites e.g.
– Rhone varietals: grenache, syrah, Viognier, etc
– Burgundy varietals: Pinot Noir, Chardonnay
My blog is also widely followed for its events, including a calendar. I get press passes for many
ranging from Hospice du Rhone, IPNC, to local Sonoma events. I am happy to cover, attend
for your clients, with some notice.
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