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A Few Examples of Wine Cellar Art

Murals, carvings and mosaics are some of the artistic creations that can add beauty and glamour to your wine cellars, making it more pleasant to the eyes and defies dullness. Doing it yourself is always an option but selecting art from an artist can give your wine cellar a certain flair. There are many resources on-line but it takes an intense look to see the difference in their outcome.

Hand Painted MuralsPainting and Murals

Traditionally, painting has been a great way to make something looks better! What is nice about it is it can be originally designed according to your taste and the dimension of the area. All murals are handmade and painted on canvas using oil or acrylic. This can brighten your storage room and could be the center of attraction.

Stained GlassStained Glass

Another excellent way to brighten up your cellar with uniqueness and beauty is the use of stained glass. It is very innovative as it can be used on archways or glass rack openings. Using a fluorescent slim-lites at its back can be very tantalizing and can produce rich and colourful light reflection. There are two types of glass that can be used for this, the  art glass or standard industry stained glass.

Etched Mirrors

Another creative way to beautify your cellar is by using mirrors. It can make the looks spacious and brightens up the room. Modifying this precious reflector can also enhance looks and more personalized. You can have your name or initials painted on it or may have your own design that reflects your personality. It could be put at the center, between your wine racks, or on the walls with lightings to emphasize its beauty!

Mosaic Art

Composed of tiny materials like broken tiles, porcelains and stained glass put together to create and image soothing to the eyes, mosaic art is impressive and unique. It is handmade and sealed with outer covering for protection and assurance to stay long. With the reflection of light striking the little granules of glasses used as material, it can radiates glittering lights that are pleasant and making the room lively. Not only at the sides, but it can also be used on table and tops.

These are fabulous creation to make you feel the satisfaction as you visit your wine cellar and choose your favourite wine. Aside from these, you can also use hand painted tiles and tumbled stones.

What is your favorite piece of art that you have seen in a wine cellar?

Author: Kristi Davis is the Interactive Marketing Manager at Wine Cellar Innovations.  She loves working with wine lovers to be able to successfully create beautiful wine storage.  Follow her on Twitter or ‘like’ them on Facebook to win a free metal wine rack. Cheers!

Transform Your Wine Room Using Wine Cellar Accessories

Wine cellar accessories are wonderful additions to any wine room both for their functionality and added detail to the cellar’s interior design. Our favorite accessories include chillers and coolers, decorative metal or wooden wine racks, wine holders, corkscrews and bottle openers, and wine bar coding system, among others.

Wine coolers and wine chillers are important especially when you have a wine counter or mini bar inside the cellar. These are used for pre-cooling or pre-chilling of drinks to prepare it for serving. Wine chillers and coolers vary in sizes. If wines are served for commercial purposes, bigger capacity maybe needed.

12 Bottle Wine RackFree standing or wall mounted wine racks and holders can also be very decorative, at the same time, functional. It can hold several bottles for display on top of the bar counter. There are varieties of wonderful designs for wine racks available in the market. One can even choose to have a single-bottle capacity arched wine rack to display cherished or valuable wine collection.

Corkscrews and bottle openers are essentials in wine rooms. There are decorative corkers and openers which you can playfully have for fun and added style. These types of decorative wine accessories are perfect for special occasions, parties and other important occasions.

The wine bar coding system is also a practical thing to have to track down additional or consumed wine bottles. This is especially helpful for inventory purposes in commercial wine cellars. But collectors can also adopt this system. The bar coding system is very simple to use. The barcode tags can be personalized. Collectors can add more information on the tags. Personalized quotes or whatever they want to label on their collections can also be used.

Wine cellars must have these accessories for easy tracking of the wine collection, systematic serving and added magnificence of the room.

Author: Kristi loves working for Wine Cellar Innovations as it enables her to socialize with wine lovers around the Internet.  If you have any questions about wine storage, feel free to contact us, follow us on Twitter, or like us on Facebook. We love to help!

Creating Custom Wine Racks for Your Home

Wood Wine RacksUnknown to some, traveling can cause their wine collection to grow. Shocking, I know! When wine lovers travel to renowned areas that are known for their wine, they tend to come home with wine cases in tow. These wines are wonderful reminders of your memorable trips. Some tend to buy it as a gift for someone or for their wine collection in their homes. As the collection keeps growing, the need for custom wine cellars in their homes becomes inevitable. Wine racks end up as a necessity to keep their precious wines.

Wine bottles themselves are elegant and attractive to look at, and the right wine rack can really add beauty to the wine bottles as they await their opening day. You can easily store or display several bottles in wine racks placed in the kitchen pantry, fixed on the living room wall, positioned on the kitchen countertop or table, or arranged in the basement turned into a wine room. To sum up, wine racks are very versatile and helpful. Indeed, they are a unique solution to accommodate all your wines anywhere around the house.

Most of the prefabricated wine racks are made from hardwoods like cedar, fir and pine. Some of the finest home wine holder designs are made from metals. Whichever you opt, remember that preserving the wine itself needs proper care through proper handling of the bottles. Wine bottles must be stored in a durable and elevated section situated in a dry and cool location.

Nowadays, more people are into efficiently using every home living space. By having an affordable and efficient wine rack at home, making much of the space in the cellar is not a problem. You can even create an on-the-spot cellar space in the pantry, if you want to. So, if you’re searching for a safe and durable storage or display unit for your collection, the home wine racking system can greatly help you. Both the beginner and serious wine connoisseurs can make use of such system.

Wine racks for your homes allow you to organize your wine collection and keep it safe all year round. Theses racks come in a range of sizes depending on your style. You can also choose from freestanding, wall mounted or table top wine racks. You need to consider these, when choosing the type of wine rack to purchase.

Many people choose to use wood wine racks because these are relatively cheap, easy to assemble and best for a large collection of wine. Wood is hardy and durable. Some of the wooden wine racks are stackable, so it can grow along with your collection. In addition, a wooden home wine rack can be painted or stained to modify or customize it to match and blend with your existing home fixtures and decor.

Presentation or artistic display is somewhat important element in wine cellars. A good metal wine rack design adds artistic element combined with functionality. Some wine holders have circles or spiraling tree sculpture instead of the usual lined-up racking systems. Using a metal wine rack allows the wine connoisseur to add artwork and fashion while wooden racks are built for functionality. It is important that you buy one that is pre-assembled when purchasing wrought iron wine racks. Wrought iron wine racks are made to last. Stainless steel wine racks are more moderately priced than wrought iron wine racks, although the latter have become very trendy as well.

Whichever type of wine rack you will choose for your wine cellar, make sure you buy the best by considering not only the quality and its design but also your personal preference. That will be the most important consideration since your taste will determine your desire to keep the wine racks in your wine cellars.

Author: Kristi loves working for Wine Cellar Innovations as it enables her to learn more about how wine racks and custom wine cellars are made. Plus it gives her access to some fantastic wine lovers and blogs like Simple Hedonisms.  If you have any questions about wine storage, feel free to contact us at WCI.

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