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What You Need To Know Before Building Your Wine Room

Closet Wine RackWhere can you build a wine room in your house? I say anywhere! Figuring out that sweet spot can sometimes provide a slight challenge in regards to space, temperature, and access points.  Whether in the kitchen or in your basement, anywhere is possible. What counts is that you will have a proper place to store your wine collection.

The first step is in analyzing your wine collection.  If you have a great deal of wine bottles already, and you anticipate more wine tasting jaunts around the country we would definitely advise you continue your thoughts of a custom wine cellar. But if you are just starting with your collection, a wine rack will do perfectly.

When it comes to wine storage, it is all about appropriate horizontal storage of the wine bottle, maintaining constant temperature, and proper humidity level. Remember, wine starts to lose color and taste badly when stored at high temperature. Therefore, be certain to check how warm or cold your wine storage is.

Moreover, it is vital that you always maintain your storage’s humidity level. If not, the corks have the tendency to dry out which also affects the taste of your wine. Plus, make sure to place your bottles horizontally. This way, the wine is in stable contact with the cork which prevents spoiling the wine.

If you are planning to use wine racks, you might be wondering which among its various types of racks is best to make use of. I would recommend wood racks that suit the space in your home.  There are various woods available for wine racks that you can use, which include Pine, Premium Redwood, All Heart Redwood, or a form of Mahogany. Be sure to look at all the options and fgure out what is best for your personal style and budget.

The same things also go with wine cellars. In this alternative, it is more advisable to let the experts do the building. Of course, it’s your choice if you’d want to construct it on your own, but if you want to be free of all the troubles during the construction process, the professionals are the people to call. Seeking professional help also guarantee that you are making out the most with your budget – you get quality, durability and security all together.

These things mentioned above are only a few to remember when dealing with wine storage. Be sure to investigate thoroughly so the job gets done correctly the first time.

Author: Kristi Davis is the Interactive Marketing Manager at Wine Cellar Innovations.  She loves working with wine lovers to be able to successfully store their wine.  Follow her on Twitter or find them on Facebook. Cheers!

Transform Your Wine Room Using Wine Cellar Accessories

Wine cellar accessories are wonderful additions to any wine room both for their functionality and added detail to the cellar’s interior design. Our favorite accessories include chillers and coolers, decorative metal or wooden wine racks, wine holders, corkscrews and bottle openers, and wine bar coding system, among others.

Wine coolers and wine chillers are important especially when you have a wine counter or mini bar inside the cellar. These are used for pre-cooling or pre-chilling of drinks to prepare it for serving. Wine chillers and coolers vary in sizes. If wines are served for commercial purposes, bigger capacity maybe needed.

12 Bottle Wine RackFree standing or wall mounted wine racks and holders can also be very decorative, at the same time, functional. It can hold several bottles for display on top of the bar counter. There are varieties of wonderful designs for wine racks available in the market. One can even choose to have a single-bottle capacity arched wine rack to display cherished or valuable wine collection.

Corkscrews and bottle openers are essentials in wine rooms. There are decorative corkers and openers which you can playfully have for fun and added style. These types of decorative wine accessories are perfect for special occasions, parties and other important occasions.

The wine bar coding system is also a practical thing to have to track down additional or consumed wine bottles. This is especially helpful for inventory purposes in commercial wine cellars. But collectors can also adopt this system. The bar coding system is very simple to use. The barcode tags can be personalized. Collectors can add more information on the tags. Personalized quotes or whatever they want to label on their collections can also be used.

Wine cellars must have these accessories for easy tracking of the wine collection, systematic serving and added magnificence of the room.

Author: Kristi loves working for Wine Cellar Innovations as it enables her to socialize with wine lovers around the Internet.  If you have any questions about wine storage, feel free to contact us, follow us on Twitter, or like us on Facebook. We love to help!

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