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Part 11 of the “12 Days of Wine Christmas” Last Minute Gift Ideas, Local and Online; IWA eGift Cards

Its December 24th, and you have that nagging sensation you’d like one last additional gift, or remembered someone. What to do?

Up until now I have steered away from the traditional suggestions of gadgets, glasses, wine cellars, etc, as many suggestions abound on these.

eGift Card, Instant Gift, Instant Delivery at the Click of a Mouse

One fast, immediate gratification option: an eGift card from IWA, one of the Wine Catalogs I like to frequent.  Simply go online, decide the amount you want, enter the recipients email, and Voila – instant gift. This card is redeemable not only for cool wine stuff from the catalog, but also at Vintage Wine Estates wineries: Windsor Vineyards , Girard Winery , Fire Station Red and Windsor Sonoma Winery, as well as their cool new tasting room, which carries IWA items, in downtown Healdsburg. (If you visit, make sure you FourSquare check in for 20% of wine!)


1. Good Stemware:

Many solid choices here.  IWA is a one stop shop for a variety of stemware, including Riedel, Speigelau, and Schott Zwiesel. I have been ‘field testing ‘ their Ultima line since last summer, and am very pleased.

Ultima glasses are designed to be break resistant. Unfortunately the old breakage test video they had is gone, but these glasses are very hard to break and will survive falling over on marble, hitting the faucet, and other tests that kill most other classes, especially Burgundy ones (big bowl) which are my personal favorite and seem most prone to breakage. I love these glasses.

Want a set today to wrap? Call your local wine shop. (Healdsburg residents can pick them up at the Vintage Wine Estates tasting room.)

2. Every Day Stemware

For everyday glasses, or for those nights I have multiple bottles open and need table space, I am a fan of the Riedel O, stemless glasses. They are also great for microbrew, sparkling water at the dinner table. They take less space to store, and fit nicely in the dishwasher. Buy them online or pick up at most wine shops. Target even carries a set thats just slightly different, but Riedel O nonetheless.

What not to get a hardcore wine lover:

1. Whacky wine openers: most serious wine geeks I know, self included like a traditional waiters wine key. Buy a very nice one of those perhaps, one can never have too many. Not something that takes half a drawer, counter mounts, or is bigger than a wine bottle tself. Don’t get me wrong, perhaps not a bad present for some, but not your friendly Sommelier, Wine Maker, or Geek, in my opinion.

2. Clunky, think bowled stemware from a department store. Ugh. Stemware matters; if you aren’t a believer, sign up for the next Riedel tasting seminar you see.

Ok, its time for this Simple Hedonist to sign off and get busy with his own Holiday plans. I will have a final post tomorrow, and then shortly I will be sharing about some very exciting changes in my Wine Country Life – if you aren’t already aware!

Cheers and Seasons Greetings

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