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Enter to Win: Tickets to Eighth Street Wineries Open House – Saturday August 7th

As contributing editor Katherine Parker wrote earlier this week in her article on  Wine Goings-on in and around town of Sonoma August 7-8th, Simple Hedonisms has teamed up with the ten artisanal wineries of the Eighth Street Enclave to offer two different drawings for free tickets.

This one-day event will feature both current and new releases as well as library offerings,  barrel tastings, and food pairings. Tickets  include all food and wine plus a souvenir wine glass.  Even if you don’t win, for $30 its a heck of a value for a day out – try and have a quality date with food and wine for less than that!

1. Trivia Contest

Enter to Win a pair of tickets ($6o value) by responding in comments below to these three simple questions, which you can find by clicking on the wineries on from the main web page for Eighth Street Wineries.

  1. Whats the website price for the Ty Caton 2008 The Ridge George’s Malbec?
  2. What wine release from Tin Barn just won Double Gold medals at the 2010 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition 2010?
  3. Name either of the two two less common white wine Rhone releases from Parmalee Hill, named after Daughters. (White Rhone wines rock, branch out!)

Submissions will not be published until after the contest winner is picked so that people can’t see each others answers. All information is secure and never shared.

A drawing at 1pm Friday August 6th will be held.

2. Second Chance to Win: Drawing from Simple Hedonisms Email Subscribers

One drawing at random for a ticket will be awarded to validated email subscribers. Not an email subsriber? Register in the top right; your email is secure, never shared per our privacy policy. You will receive a brief one sentence email summary when new blog posts come out – a great way to stay in touch with events, news, wine reviews, and tips.

This drawing will also be at 1pm this Friday.

Enjoy and Remember:

Winners and Attendees: enjoy the event and remember the four mantras of Simple Hedonisms for Wine Events:

  1. Drink/taste responsibly: Ten wineries pouring 3-4 wines adds up to a lot. Consider paying that unemployed summer teen a few dollars to drive you around!
  2. Dump/Spit: If you are serious about wine tasting to experience and compare wines; consider learning to use a spit cup, as industry people do, or dump regularly wine you don’t wish to consume. If you had four 1 oz tastes at two wineries, that’s already two full glasses. Its scientifically proven that your sensory analysis is  impaired; you have gone from tasting to drinking. (Which if following rule 1 is fine, have fun.)
  3. Its a Business, Not a Charity: These are small wineries who stay in business by selling their product, not large corporations. Think $30 covers their costs for an event like this? Not even close. Try a wine you like, purchase a bottle to take home. Many of these wines will only be available at the winery anyway.
  4. Bring a Cooler: In summer months, load up a cooler in the car with a few beverages and a place to store your purchases, even at a event like this where all wineries are close. Heat is like kryptonite to wine.

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