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A Carnival of Spirits

Last weekend, I had a fun opportunity to attend a different kind of tasting event. My friend, Carter Raff of Raff Distillerie, offered me some of his trade tickets to the Craft Spirits Festival at Fort Mason and I accepted happily. I had a great time, and even though I have piles of tasting notes from wine events to write up, it seems like a fun aside to quickly share a very different kind of event with everyone.

To be honest, I was a little nervous about this event. I've been to enough beer and wine tastings to know how quickly they can go downhill and spirits seemed like they could lead to a quicker and steeper descent. However, the event was organized in such a smart way, it really wasn't a problem. The event was organized in such a way that the drinking was naturally broken up a bit.


Many of the booths offered tastings of cocktails as well as spirits. Choosing a cocktail over a spirit could help slow down the rate of drinking as you enjoyed the event. My personal strategy was to find a cocktail I really enjoyed and then focus on buying viagra only tasting that kind of spirit. Despite all of the options with this strategy, I mostly focused on whiskey and tequila tastings since they're my favorite liquors.

The carnival also had another way to slow down the inebriation process. True to its name, the carnival periodically had performances for the crowd to enjoy. There was everything from aerialists to dancers to a sword eater to a contortionist. The performances were all captivating and succeeded in pulling the crowds away from the tastings for a bit. I really loved this approach to managing the drinking. It gave some fun entertainment to those just looking to have a fun weekend and allowed the serious tasters to have more access to the booths.


While the whole day was very fun, the highlight for me was the Bulleit booth. I usually like to take advantage of these tastings and try smaller producers. However, I was drawn to the booth by a colorful character, Hollis Bulleit. The bourbon descendant had an array of Sharpie paint pens and had taken to decorating bottles. After a taste of the new Bulleit 10, I knew I had to get a bottle and there wasn't a chance I wasn't going to have her paint it. I'm so excited about my addition to the liquor cabinet… even if I have no plans of ever drinking it.

Of course, I also want to tip my hat to Carter Raff for inviting me to this fantastic event! His spirits are popping up all over the Bay Area and they are fantastic. I have never really been into Gin but I love Carter's and I recommend it for Gin lovers and skeptics alike. He also makes an Absinthe and has developed several cocktail recipes for his spirits.

All in all, I really enjoyed this event. I have been to a lot of tastings and this one really surprised me with its originality and management. I definitely look forward to attending this event in the future.


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