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What I Drank Last Month (Nov 2013) Part 2

By Nikki Lincoln

Here is the second part of my post on November wines. Part one can be found here.


Cline 2012 Ancient Vines Zinfandel

This wine was a sample sent over a few months ago. I had wanted to hold onto it for a little while but I had been craving a good Zinfandel and decided to open the Cline Ancient Vines sample. I’m glad I opened it when I did as it was light for a Zin and had nice pepper and smokiness to it. It was also very acidic which I particularly enjoyed. I definitely thought this was a great value for all of the complexity in the wine. I would love to pick up a few more bottles of this to have around when I don’t feel like opening something too pricey but still want a good quality wine.

Price: $18


Vinum Cellars 2010 White Elephant White Table Wine20131109_120207

I am a huge football fan, but after giving up beer several months ago, finding an alternative beverage for tailgates and other beer heavy events has been a bit of a challenge. Obviously wine has been a big go-to for me, but a lot of wines that I have I would rather save for an occasion when I can really sit and taste it and appreciate it. I decided to grab the Vinum White Elephant Table Wine because I had gotten it rather cheap from a wine club. The wine ended up really surprising me. It was an extremely well balanced blend of 59% Chenin Blanc, 26% Roussanne, and 15% Viognier. It was light and refreshing and perfect for a warm, outdoor setting such as a tailgate. I normally don’t take notes on the things I drink in a party/tailgate setting but I knew I had to tell you all about this one.

Price: $20 (but can be found for closer to $10)


20131112_204616Sheldon 2007 Deviant Velocity

I won the Deviant Velocity at an open house for Sheldon WinesKrutz Family Vineyards, and Two Shepherds. I had been feeling under the weather and wasn’t up for doing any wine tasting which had made me pretty sad. I decided to throw a few dollars in to buy some raffle tickets to win a case of wine. I actually ended up winning and was able to take home a box of the wines that I hadn’t been able to try, including Sheldon’s Deviant Velocity 100% Petite Sirah. The wine was full of plum and blackberry flavors with some pepper as well. It was another wine that felt perfect for fall. When I went through my pictures, I also found it funny that my devious cat snuck into the background to give me one of her judgmental glares.

Price: $28


Imagery 2008 High Valley Tempranillo20131114_183821

I always lose track of the different wine days. I really need to find a wine calendar or something because I always end up finding out about them at the last minute and I get really sad if I don’t have that particular variety. When I got an email from the TAPAS society that the next day was Tempranillo Day, I was really happy that I had a bottle of the Imagery High Valley Tempranillo. The wine had high acidity and a taste of tart blackberries and spice. I loved how light and complex it was for a Tempranillo. I saw a few older reviews from last year that said it needed more time. I think the extra year really helped this wine develop properly because it was tasting great when I had it last month. On another note, I ended up finding a few more bottles of Tempranillo after the fact…

Price: Unavailable directly


Wine Review: 2007 Parducci True Grit Petite Sirah, Mendocino

Parducci is a winery on my radar, and long overdue to visit in person to tour and taste. I admire their deep commitment to being Green and Sustainable practices, long before it was widespread.  Parducci was the first carbon neutral winery in the U.S., one of many accolades.

True Grit – The Movie & The Petite Sirah

I received this sample at the launch of the movie, and you may have already seen a fair amount of (positive reviews.) I do applaud Parducci and their PR firm for some of their innovative ways of communication and approach to the industry. I kinda blew the timing, as I was buried with my move, so am now reviewing it on, yes, Oscar night.

Parducci is no newcomer to Petite Sirah, and have been producing wine from this sometimes challenging varietal for many years. I have to confess being cautious with recommending Petite Sirah. Its a varietal prone to very high tannins and chalkiness, and dangerous in the hands of a winemaker focused on New World extracted wine styles.

My personal palate, which if you haven’t gleaned by now, leans towards wines that allows the varietal to express itself in its natural color and flavor profile and not be manipulated to  being Cabernet like or Parker palate crushing. He likes big tannins, I don’t. Personal preference, often based on biological sensory evaluation differences.

How did this wine and the movie get connected? Prior to the release (of the movie not the wine), the wine was poured, exclusively, at  the Coen brothers’ studio cast screening,  so they could taste what True Grit is all about.

That led to True Grit becoming the exclusive wine pour for the opening screening at the Academy Theater in Beverly Hills.  Jeff Bridges liked the wine enough to send Parducci a personal note of thanks, saying he enjoyed the wine.

2007 Parducci True Grit Petite Sirah Mendocino

88% Petite Sirah, 12% Syrah. 14.5 % alcohol, 24 months oak aged, 1938 cases produced.

To The Eye: Inky purple, midnight dark, no light passes through

On The Nose: Blackberry, spice, white pepper

In the Mouth: Kudo’s to Parducci for a Petite Sirah one can drink without tongue shaving after.  There is no doubt this is a Petite Sirah, but its very balanced, and no less tannic than many other red wines, including varietals that shouldn’t be.

Dark chocolate, modest (not overripe) blackberry. Tannins are present, but not overwhelming. I’d love to toss a bottle into the cellar for a few years to compare, but this is a bottle most will enjoy right now.

Food Pairing: Any meat with a bit of fat to meld with the tannins and structure, the classic selection being a  ribeye. But the wine is balanced enough for a broader spectrum of food and grilled meats.

Rating: Excellent.

Recommendation: Buy and drink or hold.

Where to Buy: In honor of the Oscars, Whole Foods is carrying this release, on sale for 19.99, normally 29.99. Its also available Direct from Winery for the same price. Media Sample.

I have to agree, this wine is a perfect match for a rustic theme and name.

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