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Millennial Writer to Join Simple Hedonisms – Introducing Nikki Lincoln

Simple Hedonisms Is Excited to Announce a New Contributing Partner

My ability to write about wine, share my thoughts and insights has become diminished over the last year, as my role as a small Vintner and strong advocate for Rhone wines, along with a day job, consumes many long days and nights.  My passion for wine and helping others learn explore, however, has not diminished, nor my ability to influence what people consume, as activity on my Delectable and Instagram accounts show regularly, in some cases more than my Cellartracker 1100+ detailed notes.

Simple Hedonisms was one of the widest read bogs in the Bay area during its heyday, hitting 5,000+ readers and 250k hits a month. People still write me regularly they miss the posts and education.  In fact, the following is still very large, when articles are published. I don't intend to give it up, after 5 years. (Wow!) My goal for quite some time was to bring on multiple writers, to leverage the brand and the following, and help others get a start. It's worked with some success, but nothing lasting or persistent.

A few months ago, a friend of mine introduced me to Nikki. She helped at an event, and  I was immediately impressed. Nikki is young, passionate about wine (and life) and not afraid to dive into anything. She is keen to learn, and more importantly, open to it.  I meet a lot of people who love wine, and want to be a part, and have become an good judge of potential and value. Many have stars in their eyes about the wine industry, but not the long term drive and passion to take it to new levels. As I looked at Nikki's personal blog, I was struck by her energy, positive outlook, and a writing style that was clear, easy to read, and engaging.549239_10101839812582643_1038955257_n

I was struck by the insight of this newer consumer in her article, a year ago “The Economics of Wine.” Clearly, good instincts and energy to be tapped into. (The fact that she also wrote about the Batman movie was duly impressive.)

The Plot Thickens, The Wheels Turn, I Gain a “Padawan”

I had somewhat of an affinity to Nikki right away as she is a geek-ette.  You might never guess this as cute as a button millennial is an avid gamer, comic fan, and more. But, she also is very grounded, outgoing, playful yet mature old soul. She lacks nothing for confidence, but is not arrogant.

The wheels started turning. It was clear she was passionate about wine, and impressionable.  Years past I was a bit of a skeptic on Millenials being the 'great white hope' for the wine industry. Now I embrace them as part of the force that is enabling the upheaval going on beneath our noses, that in ten years will completely change the landscape of wines made and consumed.

I also regularly talk about the journey of wine exploration, the similar path many of us follow as wine enthusiasts, and as a 'palate shepherd' my goal has always been to help others on their path of never 551299_10101868744502843_1066635266_nending knowledge and palate expansion.  I would have loved to been guided and progress faster than I did, my first decade.

Nikki has a palate consistent with many new enthusiasts, she will try most wines, but right now gravitates towards reds, sometimes bigger ones.  She is falling in love with Pinot and Rhone whites (sounds familiar!) She is also open, interested, curious by nature. For most wine enthusiasts, exposure is the key to palate purchase cialis online progression.

I humbly suggested to Nikki, if she was willing, I would love to help her with exploration and suggestions. The end goal of what she likes is ultimately hers to discover, but I would try and accelerate her path, open synapses.  I was a bit wary of the reaction, as you hear constantly that Millennials don't want to be told what to drink, or just do what their parents did.

Nikki showed her  true form, (and love of Star Wars), by enthusiastically  responding “I am your Padawan.”  If my son wasn't engaged to a beautiful Italian girl, I'd be introducing him to Nikki.

Follow In The Footsteps of an Avid Wine Millennial Exploration

Shortly thereafter, it all came together in my head. I liked Nikki's writing. She wanted to learn and share with the world. I wanted more content for Simple Hedonisms. She represents the advent of a new generation of wine consumer. I get more offer for samples and events than I can attend……Why not ask Nikki to join the team.20130414_132359 (3)

So voila. It starts this week. Nikki has free reign to write about whatever she wants.  The focus will be wine, but she is also interested in microbrew, spirits, restaurants & food, events. Nikki lives in the city, where Simple Hedonisms has a strong following, so she is now also able to better represent the publication there with the myriad of events and tastings there.

Please Give Nikki a Warm Wine Country Welcome

I am excited about this new development for Nikki, our readers, and myself. (How best to learn then to also teach.)

Tomorrow I will publish an interview about her. She will be diving headlong into tastings and events, with me when she can, on her own many times as well.

Today, by the way, is also her birthday, so a big cheers to you my friend! (Now, get writing!)

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