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Tasting Notes: 2010 Gallegas Albariño Rías Baixas Miudino

Albariño – a Spanish white wine popular with wine aficionados  who look for leaner white wines, higher in acidity.

The Rías Baixas region of Spain (which I have not visited yet unfortunately) is renowned for the Albariño grown here, so I was delighted when asked if I wanted to receive a sampler pack. (More reviews to come.)

Albariño is one of my Spanish white loves, and growing to be one of my preferred varietals. It reminds me somewhat of Grenache Blanc, in that its high in acidity, and responds to vinification techniques, and can gain some complexity if something besides stainless is done with it: neutral oak, concrete etc. (lees aging anyone?)

US production is slowly increasing, but is still hard to find, and generally I have been more pleased with the the Albariño imported from Spain. Which by the way you won’t find on most Safeway shelves, but your local wine shop should carry a bottle. 

Review: 2010 Gallegas Albariño Rías Baixas Miudino

To The Eye: Medium yellow

One The Nose:  A pleasant nose of grapefruit & white peach.

In The Mouth: Bright and lively lime, wet stone, some stone fruit, good mouth feel, and a touch of minerality combined with lingering finish. 12% alcohol.

Recommendation: A very enjoyable white thats great as an aperitif, but would sing viagra pills australia when paired with shellfish, especially oysters. A solid white,  under $20. If you see any,  grab a bottle. 89 Points.

Where To Buy:


Miudiño – available to order online at


Also fun – sign up for information on the new Albariño Explorers Club website:



Tasting Notes – Bonny Doon Vineyards 2010 Albariño

This Albariño from Bonny Doon is not too be confused with their 2009 Ca’ del Solo Albariño, which was one of my favorite Albariño’s at the TAPAS event in San Francisco earlier this year.

This price viagra wine derives from two vineyards in the Central Coast:  Ca’ del Solo in Soledad, and Jesperson Ranch in San Luis Obispo.

Wine Review – Bonny Doon Vineyards 2010 Albariño

To The Eye: Bright Clear Yellow Straw

On The Nose: Green Apple, Asian Pear, Lemon Peel

In The Mouth: IMPORTANT – do not drink overchilled. This wine’s nuances are completely lost if overchilled (which I did by accident.) It has a rich texture, mouthfeel and slight oiliness one wouldn’t expect when combined with this acidity and lower (12.5%) alcohol. Must bug Randall or his other winemaker for vinification techniques.

It dances in the mouth with green apple and  citrus and makes you smile, and reach for more. The finish is lingering, and compelling.  This wine drinks wonderfully by itself, and the bottle is emptying fast as I consume it. (Instead of spitting.)

Food Pairing: Bonny Doon recommends pair it with “…pairs beautifully with briny foods like oysters, shellfish, seafood salad, fish crudo (or ceviche), or shrimp scampi with garlic and lemon. It’s a natural with fresh goat cheese, green olives, tomato salads (especially dressed with a drizzle of lemon-infused oil), tempura, and other Asian fare.”  Randall and his team are foodies, so I never doubt them, however tonight’s fare when I am done reviewing is home made turkey soup.

Recommendation: 90 Points. Buy and Enjoy. At $18 this Albariño is an excellent buy, that will both drink wonderfully solo or with food, and can age easily for a few years.  Available online for $18, $15 for club, and right now club members get free shipping on orders $99 or higher.


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