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Wine Road Northern Sonoma County – New Regular Featured Column

Hey- this is Tracy Logan, writing my inaugural post for “Simple Hedonisms”.  I am the Member & Guest Concierge for Wine Road Northern Sonoma County, a cooperative winery organization of 180 wineries and 56 associate lodging members located in the Alexander, Dry Creek and Russian River Valleys of Northern Sonoma County.  Beth Costa (our Exec Director), Lynn Thomas (Wine Road Office Manager), and I, no prescription viagra sale work with our Board of Directors to promote our area as a year-round destination and help you, our guests, plot your course here.

From left, Tracy, Lynn and Beth, Barrel Tasting 2011, photo by Kevin & Ivy.

We organize and produce three annual events: Winter Wineland, always Martin Luther King Jr's Holiday Birthday Weekend in January; Barrel Tasting, always the first two weekends in March; and A Wine & Food Affair, the first weekend in November.  We also produce the free, amazing Wine Road Map.

From time to time, I will include a piece on some of our Wine Road Lodging members and perhaps add some adventure showing other fun things to do along Wine Road, including restaurants, canoeing, biking, museums, golf….

Here is a little jaunt out Wohler Road and River Road, just outside of Healdsburg, near Forestville:

Heading in a north-easterly manner, I soon arrive at Wohler Bridge- one lane, yield to oncoming traffic- beautiful span across the Russian River- I make like a tourist and inadvertently block a few impatient locals from accessing the bridge as fast as they seem to like to!  The River looks so GREEN today- good old Slavianka rolling towards the Pacific Ocean….

Wohler Bridge.

And here I am at The Raford Inn Bed and Breakfast where I am to see Dane and Rita, fabulous innkeepers!  What a stately building this is with its imposing, expansive aspect on the hill overlooking the vineyards, surrounded by porches, gardens and palm trees.

RRV Winery Signpost Crossroads @ Raford corner
Raford from the bottom of their driveway
Miraculously transported, the exact opposite view of preceding photo: from the Raford porch towards the crossroads!

What an incredible view from the porch and from the gorgeous, lush gardens, currently being manicured by gardening staff.  Romance, romance, romance–and, true to my personal pursuit of favorites, Adirondack chairs!:

My favorite, Adirondack chairs, on the lush lawn looking back toward the Raford front porch.
Ah- the romantic Raford

Garden arch- wouldn'

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t this is be lovely for a wedding processional? And Rita is a minister!

Full-breakfast, wine & cheese reception, Dane makes wine, staff makes music, rooms are romantic, people are warm and gracious: I would like to stay- but you know how the Wine Road commands me- so, off I go!

Next stop: Farmhouse Inn & Restaurant where I am to meet Meilani, Catherine and Miss Charlotte, the Saucy Black Cat.

Welcome to the incredible Farmhouse Inn & Restaurant; what a choice spot!

Following my favorites, here is my Adirondack oasis at Farmhouse on the lush lawn- feels like a million miles away from everywhere!


The Farmhouse Inn & Restaurant also has a spa on site and a pool. In the Guest Reception they have a very intriguing bath products bar to “build your own”- ditto great snacks to chose from.  They do Tiny Weddings (no more than 10 celebrants) on site partnering with Iron Horse with the Wedding Cuvee sparkler signed by Joy Sterling-and sometimes using the site at Russian Hill Winery– could anything be more romantic?  They also do Baby Moons, Girlfriend Getaways- heavenly on all fronts.

Meilani took me on quite a grand tour– I had not been by since before the addition of what is called The Barn, an amusing rustic name for such an incredible addition to the property with the Barn Suites being amazing!

The Barn- my photographic skill, or lack thereof, cannot do it justice!
Farmhouse bungalow
'smores, anyone?? Here is where you can make them- and look! More Adirondacks!

Chef Steve Litke (he wrote the foreword for our Tasting Along the Wine Road Cookbook for our Wine Road A Wine & Food Affair some years  back) came through and I also met Catherine’s brother, Joe.  All staff were so friendly and helpful!  Meilani also introduced me to Miss Charlotte, the Farmhouse Cat.  I had a wee bit of trouble photographing her as you will see in this sequence:

Miss Charlotte: “I do not much care for TR- see my face and attitude!”
Miss Charlotte on the prowl: look out wall lizards!
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