Interview: Nikki Lincoln, Simple Hedonisms New Millennial Writer

An Interview With Nikki Lincoln

Last week Simple Hedonisms announced a new writer and focus in “Millennial Writer to Join Simple Hedonisms – Introducing Nikki Lincoln

Today we kick that off sharing a little bit about Nikki, in an essay interview I asked her to fill out.

Why Do You Get So Excited About Wine?Nikki Hollywood

I think for me, it’s really just about how big and complex wine is. Even though I’ve been tasting wine for several years now, I keep finding something new and surprising. There’s always something to discover and it’s been fun to see how my tastes have grown and changed over the years.

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I suppose you could make a similar argument about beer but frankly, I like the taste of wine more. You could also say similar things about spirits – and I do enjoy a good whiskey or tequila tasting but I also know I can’t sit around a have a glass of tequila every night with dinner and expect to be a functioning member of society (props to anyone who can though).

It’s interesting to have a beverage that is common enough that it’s ok to have it every day but so complex that different varietals and vintages will pair so differently with meals and occasions. I love that wine can be something so normal and common but also something that can be prestigious and luxurious. I’m not sure there are a lot of things you can say that about.

Tell Me About Your Wine Epiphany Moment:

I would say my first wine epiphany moment would be the first time I went on a proper wine tasting trip. Up until then, my scope of wine experiences was pretty limited to family dinners and the occasional White Zin. I “knew” I didn’t like reds and that sweet wine was better.

However, the first time I went tasting, I got to explore different varietals, learn that not all reds taste the same, and hear about what notes to look for in the wine. It definitely opened to world of wine for me and really helped me transition into more complex wines. The more I went tasting, the more this grew and developed until I became a wine enthusiast.

When people tell me they don’t really know about wine and ask how they can get into it – my response is always the same: “Taste a lot of wine!” That’s the only way to really learn what you like and how big the spectrum of wine really is.

Why Do You Want To Write About Wine? What Are You Most Excited To Share With Readers?

Nikki wine

I was never someone growing up who said “I love writing, I want to be a writer,” but I always found that I was great with creative writing classes where I had the freedom to write whatever I wanted. I never had a problem with crafting my experiences or musings into something interesting that flowed off my fingertips. As an adult who doesn’t have to write for homework assignments anymore, I find that I choose to write about things I’m passionate about and wine is one of those things.

I feel my contributions are two-fold.  First, my experience with wine is more exploratory and not as broad as William's (yet),  so I feel my writing will appeal to people who are getting into wine and aren’t looking at it in as technical  a manner. Second, William said I could write about more than wine. I saw that the blog description mentioned food and lifestyle as well and I know I have a lot to contribute in those areas. I love wine but I have plenty to say about food and recreating as well.

What Do You Want to Learn the Most About Wine? What Do You Find The Biggest Challenges

I’d say my biggest challenges would also be what I want to learn the most – I have to work still to picking out notes and details. I’d love to be able to do that better as to appreciate more of the subtleties of the wine.

Share Your Plans: How Often Do You Hope to Write? Themes?  Events? Wine Reviews?Nikki guitar

Anything and everything! Ideally, I’d like to get something up 1-2 times a week. I find that I do better when I just stumble upon ideas. Ever since William and I talked about me writing for the blog, I’ve been jotting down thoughts or ideas for posts for I have some things queuing up already. However, I know that I can’t always put fingers to keys and make words come out. When that happens, I know I can at least conjure up reviews or event summaries. I also am the kind of person who gets lost in thought over the most random of occurrences and that’s how a lot of my posts are born.

I think William got the idea about cialis no prescription me writing for his blog because he liked my style (which he found at my last blogs and so that’s really what I’m bringing here. I come up with a lot of crazy theories, I write about things that I’m passionate about, I’ll do reviews, and sometimes I just ponder over something in my life so much that my heart will pour out of me in the form of a thought provoking post.

Tell Us a Little About Your History and Life to This PointNikki giants

I am originally from Los Angeles. I moved to the Bay Area when I went to college at UC Berkeley. I majored in Economics with a minor in Cal Football. I have not missed a home game since my freshman year of college (and it turned out to be a riveting defeat of Oregon, the experience of missing it was scarring).

After graduating, I started working in finance and that’s where I am now. In my free time I attend a lot of Cal and Giants games, drink a lot of wine, travel, hike, and generally love to explore new places and events. I’m an avid reader, movie watcher, and purveyor of the arts. It might sound like I do a lot – I prefer to refer to it as being very well rounded.

Some Curious Facts About Me:

  • When I was at Cal, I fired the Victory Cannon for a year.
  • I have very few dislikes but the ones I do have are usually things that everyone else loves: watermelon, baked beans, chocolate cake, pepperonis… you get the point.
  • I’m a huge nerd and love geeking out. My favorite superheroes are Batman and Iron Man but I actually tend to prefer villains. My last blogwas an attempt at a geek blog with my friends (
  • I love video games and am quite good at them. People never expect/believe this and I get a lot of satisfaction in proving them wrong.Nikki cannon
  • My mother's family is Brazilian and thus I can speak Portuguese.
  • I am a big Broadway fan and listen to the Showtunes Pandora station all the time. I know most of the words to my favorite musicals and it’s almost impossible to stop me from singing along even though I’m not gifted vocally.
  • I love rock climbing which I started 4 years ago, I climb mostly hard 10's.
  • I am great at remembering facts, movie lines, and useless trivia. I wanted to go on VH1’s World Series of Pop Culture as a way to monetize this skill. However, the series got cancelled after two seasons.
  • I have a creative side that doesn’t get exercised as much as I’d like. I have taken classes in painting, sculpture, web design, and computer graphics.

What Are Your Favorite Wine categories, and varieties? Which Do You Want to Learn the Most About ?

I think William will really like my answer to this one… my favorite wine is Grenache. I had it for the first time at the Vinter’s Market a few years ago and bought my first bottle – the rest was history. I tend to gravitate towards Grenache on any menu and I feel like it consistently delivers.

On the flip side… I want to learn more about Grenache Blanc. I never knew it existed until I did a wine paired tasting menu at Jardiniere. When the Sommelier brought it out I was said as much and I could tell she was excited to introduce it to me. The funny thing about this answer is that William is known for his Grenache Blanc so I know that I’m going to have a lot of opportunity to familiarize myself with the varietal in the near future.

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3 Responses to “Interview: Nikki Lincoln, Simple Hedonisms New Millennial Writer”

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  • Cynthia Lohr:

    Nikki, congrats on the post with Simple Hedonisms! Your verve and passion remind me so much of a woman I hired to work with me at J. Lohr, Sarah Shotwell (look her up!) with similar proclivities–love of wine, travel, writing, and not afraid to embrace and share her inner geek. Fans of William and Two Shepherds are happy that we get to take a peek into your world and gain exposure to wines we might not gain easy entry to (that’s quite a stash you brought back from South Africa!). Life quickly engulfs all of us with responsibility, continue to write with abandon and from the heart ~ your words will continue to be well received!

    • Nikki Lincoln:

      Thanks Cynthia! There are a few more South African wines and stories that I’m looking forward to sharing with everyone soon!

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