Eating Real Food

I recently had an interesting epiphany regarding food. I have the interesting fortune to work in the kind of company that always has a fully stocked kitchen. I remember starting my first week and hearing “Everyone gains 15 pounds when they start here.” Great – exactly what any young woman wants to hear…


I've been here well over a year and while I haven't gained 15 big ones I definitely have seen an increase in the numbers on the scale and a few more curves where there were none before. I'm pretty good at working out, choosing to walk places, and in general have a high energy level but there is one thing that I can't control – I'm an eater. I love food and I have a huge appetite for someone my size (often to the complete astonishment of everyone around me). So what's a girl to do? Starving isn't an option.

Well, in an office full of candies, sodas, and chips, I knew the solution had to come from a different angle. I had to stop eating junk food. The temptation of going in the kitchen and grabbing one (or 6) Starbursts or a handful of chips is really high. Since the kitchen is also home to our printer, avoiding it isn't an option.

The only way to really make a change is just to say 100% no junk food. If you read the label and there is anything you didn't expect to be in it – it's not food, it's chemicals. This experiment has been more interesting that I'd originally thought it would be. It's always fun to look at a food item and wonder if the ingredients line up with what you'd expect. The bag of almonds we get buy discount cialis online at work? One ingredient – almonds. Chocolate covered fruit? More chemicals than in a high school labratory. Egg Beaters – only have eggs.

While cutting out the junk food has been a good start to capping the weight gain, it does leave another problem – what can I snack on? Snacking is healthy and natural. It's good for the metabolism and keeps people from over-eating at regular meals so I needed to find other things to eat. The best solutions have been nuts and a lot of fresh fruit. I've ordered some other natural snacks too and I'm excited to try them out.

Today I was sitting at my desk with a carton of blueberries happily munching away and thinking about how healthy can also mean delicious. That's not what inspired this post though. As a bit of a messy eater, I unsurprisingly dropped one of my berries and watched it roll under my desk. I have no idea how many M&Ms have had the same fate but for the first time ever I stopped to think “I need to find that berry or it's going to rot.” And then it dawned on me… isn't there something wrong with the fact that I never thought about that with the other snacks I've dropped? Shouldn't we be a little worried that we are eating things that don't decompose? I've seen the forces of nature do everything from caving my expertly carved pumpkins a week before Halloween to tearing down buildings. If nature can't handle an M&M – then what's that candy doing in my stomach?

Food is amazing and delicious but some of the things we are eating – can we really call it food? It's been interesting to take a step back and try to get food closer to where it comes from, with as little added to it as possible. Tying out this new way of eating started out an an experiment of sorts but it's quickly becoming a mindset, maybe even a lifestyle change.


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4 Responses to “Eating Real Food”

  • Nat:

    I get several types of nuts and several types of dried fruit from Trader Joe’s. I cut them all open and mix them together in a giant ziploc bag and Bill takes it to work to snack on.

    • Nikki Lincoln:

      Yes, I try to keep those around as well. Luckily we have fruit, raisins, and almonds here but every now and then the sugary foods are tempting!

  • Jonathan:

    Nikki…One of the big things most people don’t realize is the role sugar plays in eating, over eating, etc.. Since I realize you may or may not know this, sugar will drop the glucose level causing an ‘artificial hunger’, which is at the root of the obesity problem in the world. Convenience, fast and prepared foods have sugars, as does spirits, wine, etc. So when we eat ANYTHING with sugar is causes us to want to eat more, and this includes fruit (some have higher sugar levels than others)But clearly eating blueberries is a smart move for many reasons of which the high anti-oxidant levels is a GREAT one.. Just make sure you wash them first :)

    • Nikki Lincoln:

      Sugar is a big part of my new eating habits. While I do like fruit a lot, I try to make sure I’m not over-doing it. Refined sugars are completely avoided (which can be tough as they are in almost everything) as well as artificial sweetener. I’ve become a big fan of honey and palm sugar as they aren’t as bad in moderation. It’s been a noticeable change as you mentioned – the artificial hunger seems to have decreased a lot and I definitely eat less than I did before.

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