Pssst – Syrah Isn't Dead: Tasting Notes: 2009 Bonny Doon 'Les Pousseur' Syrah

I am back! Finally catching up after  Eighteen days in Europe – Denmark, Portugal, and the balance in France – with glorious tastings in Chablis and the Northern Rhone, where Syrah is the red grape of choice (and AOC law.)735647_10151546326060116_1106385922_o

For those of how to find reputable canadian cialis you still snickering over Syrah, cracking pneumonia jokes etc – move on. Syrah's Darwinist down phase is over –  Moscato or some other 'varietal great white hope' is next.

In truth, this 'market correction' was needed. Way too much bad syrah was being made, as well as planted in wrong places everywhere.

People and places that had no business being in Syrah are gone. Good riddance. The strong have survived. Incredible syrahs, especially from cool climate are in

high demand, and increasing in price, from small, talented, cult producers.

Pining For The Northern Rhone

I spent a week in the Northern Rhone, with 12 deep, technical tastings,  my glass graced with some of the Rockstars of the Northern Rhone: Gangloff, Faury, Allemand, to name a few.

My first week back, as a sanity check, I popped open a bottle from Randall Grahm, the US veteran Rhone Ranger. How would his modest priced Rhone  – Syrah offering fare?

(PS – Randall – they love you over there.)

Tasting Notes: 2009 Bonny Doon 'Les Pousseur' SyrahSYR09C_bottle_250pxh

At 13.5% alcohol, Mostly/all Neutral oak (thats my guess), solid acid/pH numbers, and most importantly, great flavor profile,  Bonny Doon delivers the CA syrah goods at an every day price point.

  • To The Eye: inky deep purple, reminiscent of Cornas, no light shall pass!
  • On The Nose: Smoked meat, black olive tapenade, modest black fruits.
  • In The Mouth: Well balanced. Dark black fruit, bacon notes, savory notes, good texture and soft tannins.

This is a rock solid syrah. BDV “Doon' Members get this at a meager $21. Thats Syrah you can enjoy on a weeknight and feel great about.

This wine is officially sold out and the tasting room is selling the new 2010, but there is some online to buy

and its in some retail channels still.  Grab some now! (I just re-ordered.)

Notes from Randall:

I don't usually wholesale plagiarize a wine makers notes – but no one says it like Randall. How can you not love this man's words?!

“La syrah,” the French say—syrah is deeply and elementally feminine—is perfumed elegance. Enchanting and capitvating rather than overpowering, it disarms by its strangeness. Like Borge's Zahir, syrah makes an indelible impression. One will wander the world till the end of one's days, its sublime, haunting fragrance gradually displacing all thoughts and memories, including the knowledge of one's own name.

Oh those Europeans and European-styled wines! Initially very closed when you first meet them. Air (and time) lures them out of their protective cocoon.

Our ’09 Syrah “Le Pousseur” is named for an alchemist and trickster, but is withal an incredibly accessible wine, great by the glass but also a felicitous partner to all manner of roasted meats, poultry, game, wild mushrooms, and well aged cheeses.

Wine Geek Info:

  • Varietal Blend: 100% syrah
  • Appellation: Central Coast
  • Vineyards: 56% Alamo Creek, 32% Bien Nacido, 12% Chequera
  • Alcohol by Volume: 13.5%
  • TA: 0.58 g/L
  • pH: 3.73
  • Serving Temp: 55-60ºF
  • Cellaring: 5+ years from release (May 2012)
  • Production: 1200 cases

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