Tasting Notes: N.V. (non vintage) Valdo Prosecco Brut

Prosecco has been making a comeback in the US, particularly in the East Coast. The sweet, poorly made stuff you would scoff now more commonly is an excellent value sparkling. I still find generally Cava, from Spain, to lead slightly, but have been en

joying many Prosecco’s these days, and some decent quality ones are widely available, and fun to grab as an aperitif.

Review: Non Vintage Valdo Prosecco – Brut (2011 review)

Made from 100% Glera (formerly known as Prosecco), bottle aged buy viagra canada for 6 months. Imported in the US by Pasternak Imports.

This Prosecco now seems to have good distribution, and is worth looking for.

To The Eye: Pale yellow, excellent tiny bubbles

On The Nose: Pear, green melon, bread yeast.

In the Mouth: Mostly

dry, creamy mouthfeel. Green apple and a hint of spice Nice finish.

Recommendation: Buy, Consume. A good apertif wine easily quaffed. 89 points.



Look later this week for the full Sparkling holiday guide, cheers!

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3 Responses to “Tasting Notes: N.V. (non vintage) Valdo Prosecco Brut”

  • Just read a tweet that said all Prosecco is made by the charmat process. Is that true? I usually only buy methode champenoise sparkling wines. Maybe I should branch out? Which remindes me, where do you stand on domestic makers calling their sparkling wines “Champagne”?

    • William Allen:

      Yes Jean thats indeed true. And I actually verified that myself, as I was surprised at the quality of bubbles in some of there Prosecco.
      On the topic of “champagne” I support the agreement to not call it champagne. I do think ‘méthode champenoise’ should be ok to use freely, but it seems producers even now veer away from that.

  • Thanks, William! Now I know not to be a methode champenoise snob when it comes to Italian sparklers!

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