Part Two of the '12 Days of Wine Christmas" – Cork Fabric Gifts

Guest Post by Diane Thompson.

I asked Diane to share information these amazing products, all of which would make an amazing gift for a wine lover. We had one of the wine totes made with our new wine brand, Two Shepherds, logo added, and it looks wonderful! Cortizza sells fashion, business, wine and travel accessories, all made from sustainable cork fabric.

Learn about how these products are real pharmacy discount made below, then check out their website and products. These items are great as gifts, and also available wholesale to wineries for tasting room merchandise.


Cork – It’s Not Just for Wine Anymore!

I’d like to introduce you to cork.  But, you say, you already know cork?  Sure, it’s that cylinder that you pop out of a wine bottle.  Maybe you’ve seen cork flooring or a cork bulletin board,  but, how about cork fabric?  No?  Well, you’re in for a treat!

Sometimes called cork leather or cork skin, cork fabric starts out the same way as those familiar wine corks, but develops into an entirely different form factor.  Cork fabric is a beautiful, exotic and sustainable alternative to animal leather.

Cork 101

Cork is a unique and sustainable material, regardless of its final form factor.  Most of the world’s cork oaks grow in the Mediterranean basin.  Cork oaks typically have a lifetime of about

200 years and play a major role in maintaining the health and biodiversity of the environment.  25,000 species are supported, including endangered birds, plants and wildcats.  Cork is actually the outer bark of the cork oak and is harvested every 9-10 years without any damage to the tree itself.


How Cork Fabric is Made

After harvest, the cork is boiled and then made into a slab.  For “natural” cork fabric, the cork is very thinly sliced and laminated to a fabric backing using a very specialized process.  An almost unlimited variety of cork fabric patterns can be made by combining different slabs in unique “recipes” to create a cork block that is subsequently sliced and laminated.  Sometimes dye is used to add color, as well.  Different fabric backings can also vary the appearance of the cork fabric.


What Makes Cork Fabric Special?

  1. Luxurious texture.  Soft and supple, velvety or smooth, depending on the pattern.
  2. It’s unique.  Cork fabric can be made in an almost unlimited variety of patterns and colors.  When most people first encounter it, they are puzzled – is it leather?  It feels like leather or suede, but has more visual interest.
  3. It’s water resistant.  Water beads up and rolls off.  Easy clean up with mild soap and water.  It can actually be washed in the washing machine in warm water.  Don’t try that with animal leather!
  4. It’s durablefade resistant and lightweight.
  5. It’s versatile.  Use it anywhere you might use leather, plus applications where leather would never work – like an umbrella!
  6. It’s vegan.
  7. It’s hypoallergenic.  A substance in the cork bark called Suberin prevents the cork from absorbing water, dust, dirt, mold and mildew.


I have been so intrigued with the possible applications for cork fabric, that I have built a business around it.  Cortizza sells fashion, business, wine and travel accessories, all made from sustainable cork fabric.

Our products make great gifts for both men and women and they always get a “wow” from the recipient.  Most of our items can also be personalized with a logo or custom text, which we do with laser engraving.  If you’re curious about uses for cork fabric, spend a minute or two looking around our website!


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