Followup to "A New Beginning & Old World Renaissance? Robert Parker to Cease Reviewing California Wine" – A Great Video I Must Share

Seven months ago, at the crack of dawn, catching an early article on Vinography, I wrote “A New Beginning & Old World Renaissance? Robert Parker to Cease Reviewing California Wine.”

This has remained one of my most widely read and shared articles, second only to ‘Shipping Included’ – the Future of Direct to Consumer? An interview with Bonny Doon Vineyard.

I don’t really like the wine sensationalism angle that many popular bloggers, and even some writers use. Yes it garnishes  huge amounts of comments from other bloggers and writers, but that is not my intended audience, as honored as I am when they read Simple Hedonisms.

I wrote this article out of passion. I feel so strongly about a movement BACK to wines of balance, elegance, and modest alcohol that after several years of pontification I have put my money (all of it) where my mouth is and started a new micro label (<300 cases) called Two Shepherds. Rhone varieties (of course) Marsanne, Roussanne, Viognier and Grenache Blanc for white blends; Syrah, Grenache, Mourvedre, for reds. All under 14% alcohol, and all fermented or aged in neutral oak. Yes, even the Syrah.  Final permits are being completed, and wines should for sale shortly. Or I will drink them all myself – my friends and I all seem to enjoy them!

Anyway, this article was one of passion and belief, not sensationalism, and it was well received by the industry.  I was honored that well known writer Charles Olken, read and mentioned me in a post, even if he said I was being dramatic.

Early analysis shows its unclear how much this change to Antonio

Galloni will cause, and one must be realistic, but we ARE seeing changes, and there is buzz. Consultants who made a living ‘Parkerizing’ great wines may hopefully be researching consulting on wines of balance instead.

There is a very funny video, with a kernel of truth at its core. Its tongue in cheek, but it carries a message.  My apologies if anyone finds the backdrop offensive.

Enjoy & cheers!


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