Debuting on Simple Hedonisms – Wine Reviews

Yes, Simple Hedonisms is now doing wine reviews. I will write more later next week  about some changes for the blog these next months, but I have decided to write about the wines I taste.

Do I consider myself an expert? Hardly, I cringe when a novice asks if I am a connoisseur. After taking a number of  formal and informal classes over the years, including a 2 day sensory evaluation at UC Davis, I think my palette  range is frankly, about average. However my many years of tasting wine in many domestic and international regions, my  never tiring quest to explore wineries and try new wines, I think I have a breadth of insight to share. I also constantly challenging my palette to try new things, discover, and evolve.

Frankly, the wine blog also needs more content. I have a brevity problem – I generally only want to write things of depth, but the reality as an executive launching a start-up, I don’t have enough time at present to write the in depth articles and stories I desire.  I will not stoop to Tweeting regularly about a 3 sentence blog post, no matter what ‘experts’ say about how often you should post, but I am cognizant I need to get more writing done, and do to that I need to do some content that’s easier to create. Of course it must be of interest to you, the reader.

I buy a LOT of wine, the majority being from Sonoma County, but I dabble all regions and countries, usually through my ‘pusher’ K & L Wine, online. Since much of 250+ bottle collection comes from small wineries, I will also endeavor to occasionally review things that can be purchased via retail. Since my goal is to help you, the local or remote wine consumer, I will focus often on those small wineries.

I will accept samples to review, especially for themes of vertical tastings, like the unoaked Chardonnay round-up I’d like to do soon. I tend to stay away from negative writing, so if I don’t like the wine, or think its poorly made, likely I just won’t write about it. I will also take care to note wines that are well made, but perhaps not my own personal palate preference.

I will also amuse myself, and present the findings of, the occasional blind tasting.  Your feedback and constructive criticism is always welcomed.


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