Calling For Elegant Pinot Producers for August 18th Pinot Day #PinotSmackdown

On August 18th,  I am a co-host for Ed Thralls of Wine Tonite for the 2nd Annual #PinotSmackdown. Pinot’s from various regions will be compared and people will vote for their favorite region during this live tasting.

I will be replicating the very successful tasting I did for #Chardonnay day, last month, in my Greenhouse. What will this event be about, and like? You can read the details and summary here in:

Seeing California Chardonnay in a New Light: #Chardonnay Day Greenhouse Tasting, Attendees Top Picks.

Looking for A Certain Style of Pinot Noir

There are a variety of styles of Pinot Noir. Bold and Big; Burgundian. Lighter and more nuanced. I purchase, drink and review them all.

As I did with for Chardonnay, I will be seeking a certain profile of Pinot. There has been moderate wine press recently by Jon Bonne’, Jancis Robinson and others, discussing Pinot Noir starting to return to its more elegant form. Over the years Pinot has crept up in color and alcohol, over ripened and over extracted, chasing the New World Palate, and trying to lure less knowledgeable drinkers weened on Cabernet, who think there is something wrong with red wine that is light in color.

Requirements & Profile

I am looking for Pinot that is more reflective of the vintage, terroir, and is balanced, with good acidity, modest alcohol. If you are a Pinot producer that fits this, and would like to pour, or have sopayday cash loan

ght size-medium wp-image-5480″ title=”Greenhouse tasting” src=”×224.jpg” alt=”” width=”300″ height=”224″ />meone represent you and pour, please contact me. If I am not familiar with your current vintage, likely I will be requesting a sample prior to accepting.

Samples should be shipped/dropped of July 18-20th so that I can sample as a panel for final selection. If your wine is not selected, this is by no means a slight – I am trying as best I can to find Pinot's of similar style. I am also going to try and hold it to to 8-10 tables again.

Right now I am more  focused on OR and CA, but I would love Pinot from any region and importer that fits the targeted intent, and if you have a representative willing to pour.

Based on the previous event, you should plan to pour 6-8 bottles of wine. Your 'table' fee is also a bottle of wine, so that I may review it later.

I will be teaming with a non profit for an ABC license, and hope to also legally allow wine sales (orders, likely no distribution) via permit.

You can contact me at simplehedonisms @


PS  September First is Tempranillo Day

The TAPAS (Tempranillo Advocates Producers and Amigos Society) has declared September 1st #Tempranillo day.

I intend to do another tasting. perhaps not on this scale, but am also looking for Tempranillo producers to send bottles & literature  for a self pour station, or come pour. More to follow.

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2 Responses to “Calling For Elegant Pinot Producers for August 18th Pinot Day #PinotSmackdown”

  • Are you familiar with Marimar Torres Etate Pinot Noir? I discovered the Russian River Valley jewel while dining a the Piccaso Restaurant in the Bellagio Hotel Las Vegas. This lovely Pinot noir will be a favorite for sure! Please contact

    • William Allen:

      Hi Jamie. Thanks for the input. I am indeed familiar with Marimar – I live not far away. However with hundreds of Pinot producers, I am not proactively chasing wineries. The word about the event is on the street and I have 25+ already interested. So many in fact there is a pre judging round this Sat to narrow it down. cheers!

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