New Feature on Simple Hedonisms – "Short Review" Tasting Notes

Simple Hedonisms has evolved over its (not quite) two year history. I first said I would never do wine reviews, and then changed my position when I saw my personal notes would receive hundreds of views. But I stuck to my concept that I would not post 3 sentence reviews as some sites do – wine is as much an experience, as a beverage.

It takes much longer to write than most people realize and appreciate. By the time I craft the story, verbiage, quickly proof it, add photos and web hyperlinks, its usually 2-4 hours. (Which is why I get annoyed when a winery, especially lesser known,  then

can't take the time to share it in a Facebook post, Twitter update, or newsletter. Help me help you…)

I put

a decent amount of reviews in Cellartracker still, wine samples are backpiling and pouring in at an increasing rate and need attention.  I'd also like to share my favorite finds with the much larger reader audience,not just Cellartracker. Additionally my reviews now fed to Healdsburg Patch, (as well as Sonoma and Petaluma), the Hello Vino iPhone app (highly recommend), a new website called Consmr, on occasion (when they get to it these days) Palate Press, and am considering cross posting on Natalie Maclean, so there is a wide outlet for these reviews.

The first of these is being published moments after this goes out, love your reader feedback. These are after all, for you the readers. Cheers!


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3 Responses to “New Feature on Simple Hedonisms – "Short Review" Tasting Notes”

  • Gee, I hope that wasn’t us you are talking about, pretty sure I posted and continue to use your well written prose any chance I get! Your time is much appreciated! Cheers!

    • William Allen:

      Of course not, you guys were kind enough to post it on FB and an email newsletter I saw – thus it became one of the highest read/hot reviews in months. Which is a win-win for the winery. A good review (by anyone) is a great excuse to post something about yourself but not look infomercially, as you are thanking the writer. Love Sheldon and its wines!

  • […] William Allen A brief review of Oregon producer, Kramer Vineyards, continuing on my recently announced format of Tasting […]

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