Monday June 13 – Another Evolution in Wine Events – The Taste of Mendocino.

Earlier I wrote about the need for Wine Events and Walk Around Tastings to Evolve. Next Monday June 13th Industry and Consumers can experience, what I personally feel is one of those evolutions in progress.

I stated there are two key elements I feel coming to change walk around tastings: (1) Smaller, more focused events and (2) Mobile Point of Sale allowing you to buy wine you like as you try it.

Taste, Try & Buy – And Not Just Wine

Suzanne and Jason McConnell of RIVINO

A few weeks ago I shared my growing passion for this county, still undiscovered by many. Mendocino Wine Region – My Growing Love Affair & Weekend Tour; Since that weekend (which I will be writing about this weekend and beyond) I have been back once already, and going regularly. (Recent circumstances haven given me more time to focus on wine projects and writing.) In a few weeks I will also be one of a very lucky, select handful of writers doing a biodynamic workshop with Mendocino icon Paul Dolan.

The county artisans, it feels to me, are tired of being skipped over for other wine regions, when they offer so much. They are also fiercely proud of being the Greenest Wine Region in the U.S. Biodynamics, Organic, Sustainability – these aren't buzzwords here, they are a way of life.

Although Mendocino County really isn't that far from Bay area residents, most head to Napa and Sonoma, missing these gems also worthy of a weekend visit.

The Frey Family - Largest Organic Winery in US

Bringing Mendocino To You

So, the county is bringing the culture and wares to the city. Attendees of Taste of Mendocino can taste not only wine, but microbrew, organic meat and produce. And, best of all, most items are for sale; its a giant farmers market for all products. They are even bringing in the local Flynn Creek Circus a 'rurally based circus theatre company pushing traditional arts to an innovative edge.

There will be information and booths about lodging, events, activities like kayaking, and more. Click here for the full list of winery, food, artisan and other participants, all under one roof at Fort Mason in San Francisco.

You'd be crazy to miss this event….seriously. Only $35 for an evening of food, wine, entertainment, brought to you by the good people of Mendo

cino County. Support them, and their amazing wares with your hearts, minds, and a purchase or three. Lets keep it in NorCal, shall we?! Tickets are here. Tickets will also be available at the door.

Almost Forgot  – A Ticket Contest –  24 Hours, Don't Snooze

Almost forgot. Ok, two pairs of tickets, TWO different ways to win:

(1) In comments below; tell us

If you have been to Mendocino before, share your favorite winery you visited and why. If you haven't, share with us which variety/type of wine, you are most interested to try, from the many grapes grown there, listed here.

OR (and you can enter BOTH WAYS)

Patti Fetzer of Patianna Organic Vineyards

(2) Signup for Simple Hedonisms email updates. (Top right.) Your information is secure and never shared, you simple receive new articles once a day maximum, in email. You will have to click a link sent to your email to verify, your must complete that step to be eligible.

Contest ends Saturday June 11th at 4 pm!

Follow the Fun Before, During And After on Facebook & Twitter

Watch for updates, pictures and more on their Facebook page I would also recommend adding the Mendocino Wine Commission (source of these pictures) as well:

Follow along on Twitter – you can follow @TasteofMendo as well as the Twitter Hashtag (sorting mechanism) #TOM11 for live updates from attendees. No Twitter account needed just click your web browser here.

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See you Monday at Fort Mason!

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7 Responses to “Monday June 13 – Another Evolution in Wine Events – The Taste of Mendocino.”

  • Nikkol Baldwin:

    I have visited Brutocao and Milano only, but have been dying to get all the way up there! I am particularly interested in exploring the entire realm of Barbera, Primitive, Sangiovese, Semillon and Viognier. These seem to be grapes whose characteristics seem to draw me in most. Can’t explain it, but I tend to return to those when choosing for tasting and/or buying.
    I have purchased and enjoyed other wines from the area, but just haven’t yet made the full trek up that way! Soon, I hope! Heading to the Taste of Mendocino would give me quite a jump start!!

  • Janet:

    My first visit to Mendocino County was to visit Edmeades Winery – then a small, funky place where Jed Steele was making fabulous single vineyard zinfandels. I now work for Grey Creek Viticultural Service where we sell DuPratt Zinfandel grapevines and budwood to vineyards all over the country looking for this Mendocino original clone!

  • Jonathan Kramer:

    While Mendocino has grown to be one of the premiere wine growing regions in the past decade or more, the one winery who has lead the pack, in my estimation, is Navarro Vineyards. I have personally known Ted Bennett for many years and the way the winery has maintained the authentic Bavarian style wine making with their Gewurtztraminer and Reislings is impeccable. This is NOT to say that their Zins, Pinots and other varietals lack attention; they do not! It’s always a pleasure to go and visit the winery for various reasons, the least of which is to see my old friend Teddy Bear. I really look forward to seeing the family at this event as well as enjoying the artisan foods of all types. This will surely be a memorable event in many ways! Thanks for the opportunity Hadyn!

  • Joicy:

    My favorite is Londer for their Gewurz’s and Foursight for their Pinots — both with nice tasting rooms at the Southern part of the valley.

  • […] About « Monday June 13 – Another Evolution in Wine Events – The Taste of Mendocino. […]

  • I fully agree with the ‘mobile tasting room’ concept. We are currently trying to get this going and have had our first event with great success. Its better to get out of your box and travel a bit. Let people experience your wines that may not typically get too and for a newer winery like us its a great way to gain exposure to our wines.

  • […] Monday June 13 – Another Evolution in Wine Events – The Taste of Mendocino […]

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