Wine of The Week – Parducci 2009 Pinot Noir (Or Pinot Lovers Rejoice, True Pinot Under $15)

This week's Wine of the Week (WoW) is one that makes you go hmmm. I admire Parducci for their focus on sustainability for which they have received accolades. I also admire, especially with this review, how they can make some of the quality wines they do, at the price they do.

Leary of 'Value' Pinot Noir

I dabble lightly in US wines under $20, especially those under $15, without a very trusted  recommendation or personal tasting. Too many purchased bottles have gone down the drain, and I might has well have spent more money to begin with. Life is simply to short to drink mediocre wine.

Of the varietals I am most cautious in value wines, Pinot Noir tops the list. If you know much about Pinot, it's more expensive for a reason; its difficult to grow, does best with low yields, and doesn't generally do well with large lot production techniques. These qualities often don't translate into high potential for good quality value wine.

Pinot Noir is also (or should be) a more subtle, nuanced variety, and the more you become acquainted with her the harder it is to drink poorly made expressions, which often have little characteristic of the seductive wine she should be.

A Wine Without Shortcuts

The Winemaker notes sent with the sample, (signed by Bob Swain) as well as on the website are indicative of none of the shortcuts I'd expect for a wine of this caliber and price.

First, its 100% Pinot Noir, with nothing blended in Brand name cialis overnight for color, flaw coverage, etc.

Second, 69% of the grapes were sourced from Mendocino County, a region that takes pride in what it grows, and its Pinot Noir.

Third, it was fermented in single lots, and aged in 15% French new oak, the remainder neutral oak.

I have to also give Parducci credit for the use of simple, but effective marketing tools, like this video where 30 year veteran winemaker discusses his approach, and his love of Pinot Noir. The results show.

Wine Review: Parducci 2009 Pinot Noir – California Wood Pellets Guide :


When I first opened this wine, it was enjoyable, but I wondered if on the simpler side. A short period of time in the glass, some twirls, and she reveals herself.

Color: Garnet, Medium Red,  Clear. The color Pinot Noir more often should be, a pleasant surprise in a wine world afraid consumers equate dark color with quality. (false)

On the Nose: Aromatic:  Cherry, Strawberry, and hints of pie spice, cola,  come out as I swirl my Burgundy glass.

In the Mouth: Red berry, Cranberry. More quaffable, elegant,  than substantially higher priced Pinot's. Hats off  – this is a Pinot Lovers Pinot Noir, not some bulk wine infused with Syrah. Kudos on the 13.5% alcohol, in a world full of 15+% fruit bombs. Also kudos on restrained use of oak; new oak barrels are not supposed to Manifest Destiny.

The finish is lingering, with nice acidity that makes the mouth water, and make you want more. Did I mention this was $12?

Recommendations: Highly recommended buy.  Pinot lovers now have no reason to not enjoy quality Pinot as their everyday wine. 90+ Points.

Where to Buy: Luckily for consumers, this is distributed nationally, for as long as 26k cases last. You may also buy it online for $12 a bottle, or $144 a case. (media sample)

Food Pairings: A well made Pinot is a very versatile wine for food pairings at this one fits the bill. Grilled chicken or salmon. Leaner cuts of red meat like pork, a filet. Pizza or Pasta with red sauce.

Wine Geek Info:

    • 15% NEW FRENCH OAK
  • TA: 0.605G / 100ML
  • PH: 3.68
  • CASES: 26,900

Cheers and thanks for reading Simple Hedonisms wine blog – if you enjoyed this review – share it.


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