Wine Review – Ortman Cuvee Eddy, 02 Series, San Luis Obispo County (Rhone blend)

My apologies to the Ortman Family for this long overdue wine review.  As many know, I am a big fan of Paso Robles, and had the opportunity to visit Lisa and Matt at the tasting room earlier this year. I encourage you to stop in if ever in Downtown Paso Robles. They make great wines, and the tasting room is fun, lively, and hospitable. Wine isn’t just a beverage, its an experience.or

The O2 Line Up

The 02 label is a series of affordable wines ($18-20) that are well made, interesting,  easy to drink, good quality. Current release includes a 2009 Central Coast Chardonnay, a 2008 Paso Robles Sangiovese, and the 2007 SLO County Cuvee Eddy, a red Rhone blend.

I will be reviewing all three, starting tonight with the Cuvee Eddy Rhone blend. (Shocking I’d pick that one I know!)

Wine Review

2007 SLO County Cuvée Eddy

A red Rhone blend consisting of 42% Syrah, 30% Grenache, 19% Mourvèdre,  9% Petite Sirah. (The latter always debated if a Rhone, but let that slide. ) This wine seems clearly intended to be pleasant,  fruit expressive and easy to drink. I am usually good at pulling out Rhone individual varietal components, but these are quite integrated.

Color: Dark Red/Purple. Clear

On the Nose: Blueberry, Black fruit,  a touch of smoke, meat.

On the Palate: Berries and bright red fruit. This release is straightforward, and incredibly easy to drink, well balanced, and enjoyable. There are times when I want something layered, complex, to pull apart an mull over. Other time I just want a wine I can open, quaff and enjoy. I like the easy finish, lack of oak chip and tannin extract to crush your palate. Consumers need to experience wines that don’t have to hit you in the back of a head with a oak tannin bat  – bigger doesn’t always mean better.

This fun, enjoyable red blend that goes down quite nicely alone, sitting on the couch with a book or a movie. Its versatility would pair it well with most meats, many pastas, or even a burger or BBQ.

Hard to beat for $20 retail.  This review was from a media sample provided, but I did gladly buy and consume my own bottle when I visited. (And will again.)

89 Points, Recommended.

Enjoy, and Cheers!

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4 Responses to “Wine Review – Ortman Cuvee Eddy, 02 Series, San Luis Obispo County (Rhone blend)”

  • I was surprised by your review, as you ultimately seemed very enthusiastic about the wine, but you point out that it really is nothing special, just pleasant and easy to drink. Not that $20 is expensive per se, but there are so many wines that are more than just “easy to drink” for under $20. Thoughts?

  • William Allen:

    Hi Christina, thanks for the readership and comment.

    Perhaps I should edit the review, if it gives conflicting feedback. When you believe my impression is ‘is nothing special’ – the only comment to that effect was ‘Not sophisticated per se’. Perhaps ‘simple’ would suffice. (Note, I did go back and try and be clearer)

    I don’t expect a $20 bottle of wine to be complex, and there are many occasions where sometimes you just want to crack something open to quaff and simply enjoy, instead of pick apart. Isn’t that what Zin is all about? :)

    I think it also fits the instead style of the lable, since they describe O2 as “DELICIOUS: They don’t call it the “Ortman Style” for nothing” and
    “UNPRETENTIOUS: Wine should be inclusive, not exclusive, right?”

    thoughts? make sense?

  • […] the$20 price point, that I’d drink regularly, but this is one I could. It reminds me of the Ortman Red Rhone blend I reviewed last month; it’s enjoyable and easy to drink, at a great price. […]

  • […] am a fan of the o2 Series and its concept, and loved the Ortman Cuvee Eddy, 02 Series, San Luis Obispo County Rhone blend when I reviewed it last December.  What is […]

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