Wine Review: Rodney Strong Charlotte’s Home Sauvignon Blanc; suggested holiday pairings

It’s back; Simple Hedonisms wine reviews. I have quite the backlog of reviews, and hope to share a steady stream over the holiday season. I should note, I actually recording tasting notes frequently during the week, which can be found on my CellarTracker profile, here.

Buying for the Holidays

It’s that time where family and friends are beginning to roll in.  The holidays are such a great time to enjoy wine paired with seasonal fare, or just to quaff something that’s easy to enjoy as you catch up with loved ones.

Residents of wine country have a lot at our fingertips from very small lot producers, to value priced widely available wines. When buying wine for visiting family, friends, and for meals  consider a few bottles that are modestly priced, appeal to a wide range of palates and experience levels, and foods. Your Uncle Charlie may not appreciate that Wind Gap  Trousseau Gris with extended skin contact…so don’t waste it on him.

Why Sauvignon Blanc

One of wines I’d recommend for a broad range of consumers is the Rodney Strong Sauvignon Blanc.  I like, and recommend this wine for a variety of reasons:

  • It won’t break the bank at $15 or so, and widely available at many stores; you can just throw one in the cart, as you are buying supplies to feed the house guests.
  • Sauvignon Blanc in my experience is one of those ‘universal’ whites that almost everyone will drink. I find that the ‘red wine only’ crowd if they do dabble in white, will enjoy sauvignon blanc. I also find on the other end of the spectrum for many of my friends and I always looking for new and interesting, sauvignon blanc still offers a safe haven, and a good balance of flavor, acidity.
  • It drinks great by itself, as an aperitif, or paired with many foods; especially a salad at the beginning of the meal.   This is even more so with a style like this one, that is a bit more bold and ‘juicy’ as opposed to some of the more New Zealand ‘grassy’ style.

For Turkey Day?

You will find people on both side’s of the fence for sauvignon blanc for Turkey. It certainly can pair with portions of the menu, especially the salad and starters. Thanksgiving is one of those holiday meals I strongly recommend going through wine in courses if you have a crowd, or as I like to do, open up 2-3 different bottles and have them all on the table.

What better way to see first hand what pairs well and what doesn’t. Sparkling wine and Pinot are two others  I’d recommend as near universal.

Wine Review

Wine: Rodney Strong Charlotte’s Home Sauvignon Blanc. Sonoma County

Color: clear, light straw

Aromas: Nose of citrus and kiwi.

In the Mouth: The blend of the warm climate Alexander Valley fruit with cooler climate Russian River, makes for a unique, flavorful wine. Ripe grapefruit , pear, melon in mouth. Nice finish with good minerality and acidity. Drinks well by itself, pair with moderate acidic foods.

Price: Media Sample. $12-15 retail. 

Enjoy Your Friends and Family

A special pre-Holiday best wishes to all readers and followers. I hope next week you can take the time to slow down a bit, and appreciate the gifts we have in life.  I hope to be finally be unwinding a bit myself, and look forward to relaxing with friends, tasting wine and doing some creative kitchen time. Feel free to post comments looking for wine recommendations or food pairings, always happy to help. Cheers!

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