Announcing Simple Hedonisms New Writers; additional AVA Coverage Expansion, Apply Within

One of the beauties of the ever expanding wine industry (new wineries  continue to open despite the downturn) is the never ending source of wineries, new releases, winemakers, wine venues, and events to explore.

Frankly it’s downright daunting…I can’t get to all of the 180+ wineries in a 30 mile radius of where I live, let alone get deep into Napa, an hour away, all of Sonoma Valley 45 minutes away, and remote areas I love including Paso Robles, 3.5 hours away, Willamette Valley…and so many more. (Not too mention my full time VP of Sales/Marketing job, the social media assistance I offer, and my runaway garagiste project.

Simple Hedonisms, due to time constraints, has yet to fully evolve into what I want to write; which is the stories of artisans producers, and consumer wine education. It does to some extent achieve it’s goal of “connecting enthusiastic consumers to passionate artisans” via event coverage, and wine reviews, but it is still my desire to go much deeper.  By adding more writers, and AVA (wine region) specialists, I hope to be able to capture more individual focus on AVA’s, and free me up to broader focus, as well as add more local insider views and expertise.

Are we trying to become Palate Press…not even close, completely different intents and focus. Simple Hedonisms is a non-monetized blog (we attempt to cover costs is all, not that anything is wrong with monetizaton!) designed to assist the wine industry and associated local businesses.

Two New Writers

A few months ago we announced the addition of Katherine Parker, a resident of Sonoma Valley. Today I am pleased to announce the addition of new writers Deborah Kravitz (who’s guest articles have been a big hit) and Tracy Logan-Immordino.

Deborah brings a great perspective of both avid consumer and now some hospitality experience. She is my personal go to person for California Pinot, and tips on Mendocino County. Tracy is a long time employee of the Wine Road, representing the AVA’s of the Alexander, Dry Creek and Russian River Valleys.  You can read more about them in the new Writer’s Bio tab.

What Simple Hedonisms is Looking For

  • People with decent writing skills and a passion for wine, and the industry.
  • Living in or close to,  a key area or AVA: Napa, Mendocino, Paso Robles, Monterrey/Carmel, Santa Cruz, Willamette, Walla Walla, etc. and the desire to make that a focus.
  • Ability to write two (minimum) – four  short articles a month on local events, wineries, related topics. People generally write best about what excites them, so I to embrace each writer’s personal focus and passion.

What Do I Get out of This, Why Not just Start, (or Continue) my Own Blog

  • If you think starting a blog presence and getting a following is easy in today’s crowded world, guess again. It takes substantial persistence to get momentum underway, and then maintain it. Not to mention design, creation, maintenance and regular content. The Simple Hedonisms brand is already well established, with a good following, and one that can be easily expanded.
  • Training and assistance on using WordPress.
  • Readership and traffic grows steadily each month; as of Sept 2010 averaging around 3,000 unique readers and 200,000 hits. It’s not Vinography, but for 12 months that’s respectable, and the wider focus will grow readers.
  • If you publish your own blog, with some discussion, content is open to re-use.
  • After a successful trial period, you will be provided with business cards, and occasional wine samples and event tickets. This is not the main incentive for coming on board, but an additional perk.
  • This format is open, with possibilities for future evolution, growth and ideas.
  • You will be part of a collaborative team and benefit from idea sharing, knowledge growth, and exposure.

What Simple Hedonisms Isn’t

  • We aren’t sample or ticket whores, are fully against bloggers that are, and any discovery of aggressive solicitation, or behaviors will result in parting ways.
  • We aren’t argumentative (when writing), engage in ‘blogger wars’, or drama. Our focus is consumers and the wine industry.


If you, or someone you know would be interested, contact me and we can discuss live. We will start with several new writers, then possibly phase a few more in.  A sample of writing is request, if available.

What do Readers Think?

Ultimately this is for you. Additional writers means more regular articles, broader coverage, and view points. Would 4-5 short pieces a week be too much? Do you like, or dislike covering more AVA’s?

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One Response to “Announcing Simple Hedonisms New Writers; additional AVA Coverage Expansion, Apply Within”

  • Hi William…

    The above website is not current, by the way! Well, perfect timing. I’m about to be 100% unemployed…am semi-literate, have a vehicle and love wine. Hope I can still get going with the event next weekend.

    Let me know, I think it’s a good idea, you can’t be everywhere at once!

    Thanks, Lucy

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