A Great Wine Tasting Offer in Sonoma County; and One Year Anniversary Ticket Drawing

Simple Hedonisms Has Its First Birthday

It’s not November yet, but I have a lot to be thankful for, first and foremost living here in Sonoma County. I was a ‘lurker’ of the area for a decade before I finally took the plunge in July 2009 (hard to believe such a short time isn’t it?)

I owe a lot of my discoveries and love of the county to the Wine Road. I kept coming to great events, and it was at the Winter Wineland 2 years ago I knew I had to find a path to make this happen, travel challenges or not with my technology industry exec full time job.

Since then I have immersed myself headlong into the wine industry, hobby viticulture (grape growing), garagista oenology (wine making), professional tasting, and more. My ‘big’ dream – buy some land (solo or in partnership, as well as lease vineyards) and be a farmer, and grower. A bit of a change from an American Airlines Two Million Miler.

And now, here we are a year later with the Blog’s Birthday. I only write about 10% of the topics I’d like to from lack of time, but the intent remains; connect consumers with Wine and Food Artisans. It’s not Vinography, but we now average about 3,000 unique readers a month, and ~200,000 hits. And go figure, the more we write, the higher it goes.

Stay with me, at the end of the post are some great giveaways!

A Ticket to the Wine Road

Without taking anything from the many fine AVAs (wine regions) I love and support, the Wine Road team has always done an incredible job promoting their wine regions, event planning, education, and marketing. They embrace both traditional and social media, and are a benchmark for what solidarity can be, in an industry that can splinter with emotion and opinions. Hospitality staff have generally learned here, when the Wine Road speaks, listen.

One of the cool offerings the Wine Road started some months ago is the “Ticket to The Wine Road.” For $25-$50 you can create your own 1-3 day Tasting Excursion, like a mini-event, self-designed.

How Does it Work?

Its simple – 66 of the ~170 (at this time) Wine Road Wineries participate: for $25/person for one day, or $50/person for 3 days, you can taste for free at any of the participating wineries. With wine tastings often costing $5-$20 these days, it’s a value right there, but it also includes many other benefits, which vary by winery; such as:

  • Acorn – free Riedel tasting glass with wine purchase
  • Balleto – 20% purchase discount
  • Downtown Wine – 15% discount and free case shipping
  • Quivira – complimentary marble logo coaster

Hotels, Inns and Restaurants also participate with things like:

  • Applewood Inn – $25-$50 restaurant voucher
  • Farmhouse Inn – free additional spa treatment with purchase of first
  • Rio Villa Beach Resort – 20% off stay

These are only a sample, of the many choices of tours, pairings, discounts and more. For the complete list, click here.

  • Some wineries are appointment only, be sure to book in advance
  • Tours, food pairings etc usually request at least 24 hours notice
  • Not valid during other Wine Road events, such as Wine & Food Affair, Barrel Tasting.
  • Valid for Groups less than 8.

It’s that easy, and a great deal whether you are local Bay area resident and tasting for a day, or flying in for a long weekend.

Special Wine Road Offer and Giveaway to Celebrate Simple Hedonisms One Year Anniversary

To celebrate, the Wine Road has generously offered these two giveaways:

1. The first 10 “ticket” orders after this blog is posted on the Wine Road Facebook Page today, will be sent a Wine Road license plate frame and Wine and Food Affair cookbook Volume 10.

2. We are drawing for  TWO pairs of One Day Passes.To win the first pair, go to the Wine Road Facebook Page and post “”Why (or what) You Like About the Wine Road.” The 2nd pair will be given away to a Email subscriber of Simple Hedonisms.

If you can’t attend, a license plate frame and 2010 cookbook, is an alternate prize.  If you are not on Facebook, post on the Blog in comments.

Contest ends this Friday evening, so don’t delay!


A heartfelt thanks to all the readers; Consumers, Wine Industry, and Fellow Bloggers. Simple Hedonisms is here to stay, and in fact looking to expand coverage. (Details to follow.) Cheers!!!

(If you are not on Facebook, post on the Blog in comments.)
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