New on Simple Hedonisms – CellarTracker Mini Reviews, and 2x Week Full reviews

I spend a lot of time each week tasting and evaluating wine that I purchase, as well as the occasional sample provided by a Winery. Most wines are from CA, OR and WA, with some imports, the latter usually acquired via K&L Wines in San Francisco (Their 3 month will call program is my Achilles Heel, I have cases to pick up this week.) Wine Info

Given the regular time investment, I thought, why not spend a bit more time to capture the notes, and add that as blog content. Wine Reviews was not the original design of Simple Hedonisms, and it won’t become the primary content, but I have received a lot of positive feedback on the occasional ones I have done, so plan to ramp it up a bit. Also, I am pleased to announce that Palate Press, the Online Wine Magazine, will be publishing my reviews.

Feel free to post comments, questions. Contact me for shipping (or local pickup info) if you wish to submit a wine for review.

I also do a fair amount of ‘mini’ reviews on, usually via the iPhone app,  and have added a new tab for that. Right now is a manual export, so not updated in real time. Until I can figure out some kind of RSS or other real time linkage, I will update this tab once a week.  Until then, a real time list is available by clicking here.

I hope you enjoy the reviews, and find them useful. Cheers!

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One Response to “New on Simple Hedonisms – CellarTracker Mini Reviews, and 2x Week Full reviews”

  • Martin D:

    Enjoying the blog. I’m on CellarTracker too, and “Fanned” you this morning…Keep up the good work!

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