Launch Day, Simple Hedonisms goes Live!!

Drum Roll Please

I am pleased to finally release my new blog: Simple Hedonisms. (Yes I know ‘Hedonism’ doesn’t normally have a plural tense, I made it that way. Creative blogger license.) It has been a labor of love,  gnashing of teeth, staring at php code, and a re-start. Not quite like birthing, but I feel relieved!

Why the Blog? For Whom?

You can gain some insight to the blog’s intent and about me on the ‘About Simple Hedonisms’ page. But who is the blog for? It is my hope to assist both the passionate consumer in their David Mounts of Mounts Family Winery (and vineyards) 60+ years in the wine industryconsumption and education of wine and food, as well as the artisan establishments that labor to create these hedonisms for our pleasure and bring enjoyment into our lives. The wine and food industry is full of small artisans and families who barely have time to produce their wares, raise a family and run their business, sometimes neglecting the important part of consumer awareness, through lack of time, experience, or both. I am blessed to live in an area surrounded by such people, and it is my desire to help connect the passionate consumer with the artisan. I have been an avid consumer for many years, and now have gone even deeper.

Giving Back to the Artisans, and to Sonoma County

Wine Road map, courtesy of web siteI fell in love with the Russian River Valley of Sonoma County when I worked for a Petaluma startup back in 2000, and have since been a frequent visitor. I decided earlier this year to follow my heart’s desire and move here, where I now reside in the Windsor area, close to Healdsburg. As the Wine Road web site says, this is “Heaven Condensed.” As someone who has lived all over the US, 2 foreign countries, and 3 other parts of the Bay area, I can say I have finally found home. I think I knew it years ago, and finally changed my priorities. I could wax poetic for hours on the amazing people that live in Sonoma County (and may in a post later.) Warm, friendly, caring people who love life, appreciate the gifts we are blessed with here, and work, live, and play hard to enjoy our blessings. These are people with warm hearts, good souls, and a passion for life.

Networking for Myself, and Now for Others

I moved here knowing almost no one, and in the last five months have quadrupled my Facebook Friends, and more importantly, met face to face so many amazing people; from growers, farmers, wine makers, chefs, store keeps, sales and marketing consultants… every walk of life.

It’s been rewarding to not only meet these people and learn from them, but now recently, actually be able to help others network and make connections, particularly the small wineries. (I recently helped several increase Facebook fans by 20-50% in just a few days.) Many people know me for my avid passion for events here. They follow, and thank me for the visibility and awareness I help bring to the community through social media.

To Give is To Recieve

It has been a real pleasure to be embraced so openly by so many, and now to be able to give back. I hope over the next months and years to grow as  a contributor to Grandfather and Grandson - growersthis community and industry, and help others experience the magic that exists here, if only for a weekend. I look forward to our futures together.

There are four articles to start, with many planned for upcoming weeks. I hope you enjoy them, and look forward to your feedback.

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5 Responses to “Launch Day, Simple Hedonisms goes Live!!”

  • Congrats on the launch. I know you’ve put a lot of work in here. The site looks great. I’ll be a regular reader.

  • Looks awesome William. I look forward to reading it often.

  • Jamie:

    I think you’ve launched the blog that I wish I could create! I love the Russian River area and visit frequently. I started a wine blog, but I don’t keep up with it nearly enough. Maybe now I’ll just live vicariously through you? :o)

  • Congratulations on the lovely blog. I enjoyed learning more about you. Until now you have just been an enigmatic being that has landed in our midst…happy to have you here, oh, kindred spirit! Thanks for the nice mentions…

  • Great job William! It’s cool that you are featuring the places surrounding Windsor. If you don’t mind, can I suggest you check out Vine Rover Tours? I get to drive their vehicles as a wine educator/guide and the owner, Jay Pelm, is really loved and respected in the community. Your blog is going to be very helpful to me! We must get together soon. Cheers!

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